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Unique Corporate Gifts Ideas

Corporate gifting is not just a formality, it’s a way to express yourself- whether it is you showing appreciation to your subordinates, thanking your bosses, or making your clients feel welcomed. Gifting someone can be a time consuming and often complicated process; what to gift, how to deliver it. It has puzzled the greatest of the minds.But you don’t have to worry about it, we at Blissket are here to help you; and we go out of our way to make sure your gift isn’t just anything ordinary. From personalized stationary to special grooming kits , we have got it all covered. You can choose from one of our specially curated gift baskets, or create your own gift basket from our wide variety of products.

Our products are designed keeping in mind the person receiving the gift and the value it will add to your relationship. Because in the end, it is all about making them feel appreciated and there’s no better way than giving a gift. Indeed, it is never better said than done.

Here are some of the unique corporate gifting idea the you can give:

1.Office Plant

Office Plant

Office can be stressful, but a plant can always help to reduce it.Seasonal plant is a one of my favorite go-to client gifts that can be used to brighten a home or office.

2. Men’s Grooming Kit

Shaving Kit

Here are a range of grooming products to suit your everyday needs an exquisite kit consisting of men’s shaving accessories provided by the creative team of Bombay Shaving Company. What makes it special is the attention to the detail and a fine quality which makes it a perfect gift at the ceo level.

3.Cosmetic Gift Set

Cosmetic Gift Set

Give a gift that is tailored to the tastes your female clients and employees. A cosmetic Gift set is a perfect complimentary gift to the grooming kit for the men.

4.Employee Starter Kit

Employee Starter Kit

It is always nice to welcome your employees into the organisation with a nice a starter kit containing essential goodies which contains company branding.

5.Gift Basket

Gift Basket

Honestly, I don’t know of any business owner who wouldn’t enjoy receiving a gift basket filled with goodies. A craftily handcrafted basket consisting of a variety of products available in our catalog.



Chocolate is just the perfect gift you will be proud to present at any occasion. From our secret bakery, we bring our delicious box of chocolates which is a perfect addition to the gift basket.

7.Personalised Stationary

Leather diary with stones

It is one of the best gift that one can have. Nothing can beat stationary items like an authentic leather diary or a classic pen with your personalised name engraved on it.

I hope you find this useful in making up your mind on what to give your clients and employees.



For finding exciting corporate gift visit us at BLISSKET

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